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PortMaster in muOS

Massive thanks to @kloptops, @Cebion and the people over at PortMaster

muOS Beans

Starting with muOS Beans we have full Multi-Arch aarch64 and armhf support which increases the number of compatible ports significantly!

muOS v10 and earlier

Currently PortMaster on the RG35XX Plus and H is restricted to armhf ports.
These should be filtered for you automatically.

Where does PortMaster put the ports?

PortMaster will detect whether or not you have an SD card in slot 2 and use that if it is available.
If SD2 isn't available SD1 is used. The following example shows the relative path that the port 2048 would go on either SD1 or SD2.

├── ports
│   └── stardewvalley
│       └── <game files here>
└── roms
    └── PORTS
        └── Stardew

What if a port doesn't run?

Please head over to the PortMaster Discord and let them know!