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Archive Manager

muOS v11 introduces a new archive manager for easily restoring backup up content.

NOTE: Please be careful when extracting archives you have not created yourself.

We accept no responsibility for either the content of your archives or any loss of data or functionality as a result of using this feature.

This can be found in Configuration > Archive Manager

How does it work?

If it doesn't exist, you can create a folder named ARCHIVE in the root of SD1, SD2, USB.
Here you can place specially created archive manager .zip files.
The archive manager will extract the contents of any .zip file, so it's important that they are created correctly.

└── Archive
    ├── BIOS
    ├── Retroarch
    ├── Save
    └── WiFi
└── Archive
    └── Box

How should I structure the Archive .zip files?

Each archive file extracts to / so this means you need to ensure that the archive contains the Full Path you wish to extract to.


To create an archive of your muOS saves the zip should contain the complete file path.

└─ mmc
   └── MUOS
       └── save
           ├── file
           │   └── <core>
           │       └── <save files>
           └── state
               └── <core>
                   └── <save files>

SD1 root is /mnt/mmc
SD2 root is /mnt/sdcard
USB root is /mnt/usb

What can I restore with this Archive Manager?

It's very flexible and can be used for pretty much anything.
Simply create a .zip file with the correct path.


Want to backup and restore your favourite games? Go for it!

mnt/sdcard/roms/Game Boy Color/Opossum

Want to share your latest Pokemon save with a friend? No problem!

mnt/mmc/MUOS/save/file/gpSP/Pokemon Emerald.srm

Want to backup your WiFi setup so you don't need to type that password again? Easy!