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So you've decided to try out the muOS custom firmware for the various Anbernic handhelds. This all started out as a personal hobby project of mine and it has now grown into an awesome community which I am super thankful to have. It is built with simplicity in mind to play your favourite games with little effort. We hope that all the development we put into this CFW make it as enjoyable as we've had creating it.


One of the main features of muOS is how easy it is to get it set up and running. Just like other CFWs all you have to do is use your favourite image flash program to put it on your SD Card (don't use the stock SD card!). Put the SD Card into your handheld, turn it on, and it will take care of the rest. There are several pre-installed games and homebrew that you can start playing straight away!

Handy Hotkeys

Type Control
Brightness MENU + Volume
Screenshot MENU + POWER (quick)
Sleep Shutdown Hold POWER for 2 seconds
(Re)Select Core Press SELECT on content
Content Root Press START on content
RetroArch Menu MENU + X
RetroArch Close Content MENU + START
Fast Forward Toggle MENU + R1
Load State MENU + R2
Save State MENU + L2
Slow Motion MENU + L1


Download the latest image from the Release page on the menu

Support muOS

If you like using muOS and would like to see it grow, and potentially support more devices, feel free to give a tip or subscribe and get access to extra goodies within our Discord server!
Support muOS via Ko-fi


muOS is open to all kinds of suggestions, fixes, and bug reports.
Come on over and have a chat with the crew!
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