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Download it from our release build page!

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60b556c123825c586b02da6e257d6e385a70ef64a7c542f4287c373f8b853405  muOS-RG35XX-2405.1-REFRIED.img

Support muOS

If you like using muOS and would like to see it grow, and potentially support more devices, feel free to give a tip or subscribe and get access to extra goodies within our Discord server!
Support muOS via Ko-fi

Significant Changes

  • Added RG28XX and RG35XX-SP support
  • Added Lid mode support for RG35XX-SP
  • Added Sleep and shutdown mode
  • Added HDMI audio output
  • Added HDMI resolution change
  • Added visual options to remove ( ) [ ] and replace - to : on content names
  • Fixed global configuration corruption for those who like to press the reset button for funsies
  • Fixed network connection to be a bit more stable
  • Themes are now placed in SD1 (MUOS/theme/active) for changing on-the-fly or fixing errors easily
  • Backup Manager and System Refresh have been merged to Task Toolkit
  • Menu is now more responsive
  • Visual indicators for volume and brightness are more accurate
  • muOS is now device agnostic - Reliance on hardcoded pathing is reduced by 90%
    • This will make it easier to support more devices in the future
  • Updated RetroArch to 1.19.1 and multiple core updates
  • Updated secret mode
  • Updated supporter screen

General Changes

  • Way too many to list here unfortunately!