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muOS 2405 BEANS


This release has now been archived.

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Significant Changes

  • AARCH64 is now default architecture (Major thanks to both @siliconexarch and @acmeplus)
    • This is a major change to the underlying system and should bring some performance benefits!
    • Would not have been possible if not for @siliconexarch finding a 64-bit compatible system!
  • Archive Manager introduction
  • Automatic assigned cores to content folders
    • Pre-defined folder names are automatically assigned cores so you can start playing straight away!
  • Backup Manager introduction
    • Specifically crafted scripts will allow you to backup anything and everything
  • Dropbear has now been replaced by OpenSSH
  • Dynamic SD2 and USB Support
    • SD2 can now be removed and plugged back in without rebooting the device
    • USB-C memory sticks to be available in the Content Explorer
    • Reports have said external SSDs work well too!
  • Filebrowser has been replaced with SFTPGo
    • Full SFTP support including web interface
      • Username and password is muos
      • SFTP port is 2022
      • WebUI port is 9090
  • GMU Music Player has been added (Thanks @antikk)
  • Indicators for brightness and volume are now visible onscreen
  • Micro terminal editor has been added
    • This can be accessed through SSH
  • Network can now scan for surrounding Wi-fi networks
    • Press X when network enabled to start scan
    • This will automatically fill in the Identifier field
  • New theme icon glyphs for all menu icons
    • Glyphs can now be moved independently from the label
    • Pre-installed themes have been updated to use the new schema
  • Passcode Lock function to help unwanted fingers ruining your save game
    • Add a lock for boot, launch, and or settings
    • On-device configuration coming in a future update!
  • Pre-installed background music - 6 exciting tracks!
  • Refreshed header UI
    • Header item visibility can be toggled in Configuration
  • RetroArch updated to 1.18.0 (Thanks @shengy)
    • Changes can be found here: RetroArch 1.18.0 release
    • Updated gpSP and mGBA cores
    • Updated Mupen core (Thanks @UHAX)
    • Updated PCSX ReARMed core
  • Updated external emulators
    • Amiberry (Thanks @koolkidkorey)
      • Still needs KeyBinds configured
    • DraStic (Thanks @antikk)
    • Mupen64Plus (Thanks @koolkidkorey)
    • PPSSPP (Thanks @koolkidkorey)
    • ScummVM (Thanks @antikk)
  • Updated PortMaster to stable release
    • Can now use both 64-bit AARCH64 and 32-bit ARMHF ports (Thanks @kloptops)
  • Volume setting has been fixed
    • Will now be saved upon reboot and shutdown
    • New option in Advanced Settings to boot with low volume
  • Wallpapers now supported for individual list items (where supported)

General Changes

  • Added “A+B Button Swap” to Advanced Settings
  • Added “Colour Temperature” in General Settings
    • This replaced “Night Mode”
  • Added DuckStation and SwanStation default configs for better performance (Thanks @antiKk)
  • Added Fish shell as default root shell (Thanks @kloptops)
  • Added “HDMI Output” in General Settings
  • Added individual device script support
  • Added Ko-fi Support screen after first system init
    • This screen will automatically close after 10 seconds
  • Added LED During Play function
    • Allows you to toggle the green LED during gameplay
  • Added logger module for verbose messages
  • Added menu acceleration
  • Added Network Configuration restore option
  • Added “Show Hidden Content” in General Settings
  • Adjusted internal build scripts
  • Adjusted main configuration file defaults
  • Background music is now theme independant
    • It now lives in MUOS/music and will only play MP3 files
  • Content explorer automatically loads single SD/USB storage on load
  • Disabled theme based navigation sounds until we move to pipewire
  • Fixed blue outline on drop-down elements
  • Fixed box art loading issue
  • Fixed box art preferred location option
  • Fixed brightness setting not saving properly
  • Fixed content explorer UI flashing
  • Fixed issue with launching content with extra . in the filename
  • Fixed missing theme engine variables
  • Fixed name cache for content explorer
  • Fixed network configuration refresh
  • Fixed network kernel module loading (Thanks @twvd)
  • Fixed out-of-sync dynamic list items
  • Fixed RetroArch top-right graphics glitch
  • Fixed RTC daylight savings bug (Thanks @irilivibi)
  • Fixed thermal zone control script
  • Fixed update system due to change with compression files
  • Fixed verbose boot colour and alpha values
  • Improved screen refresh
  • Internal script structure changed to allow development flexibility
  • List items are now case insensitive allow upper and lowercase names to co-exist
  • List items have been reduced from 14 to 13
    • This allows the expansion of future CJK support
  • Moved zero content messages to centre screen
  • Optimised network manager status report
  • Password asterisks in Network Manager OSK have been removed
  • Removed Debug, Battery, and SD Sync in Advanced Settings
  • Removed Screenshot option in General Settings
  • Removed header and footer image support
    • Header and footer background alpha support has been added
    • Wallpaper can now be used to theme header and footer if needed
  • Renamed Credits to Supporters
  • Separated core info into individual files for better maintenance
  • Theme manager now switches themes without leaving and stays on index
  • Theme schema has been improved with extra functionality
    • Horizontal and vertical navigation styles are introduced
  • Updated verbose boot messages for system init