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muOS 2403 ORIGIN


This release has now been archived.

f78f881aa18ea692e40964814b5ffdc46231e8fa32df77f38a26b7f9750d43a4  muOS-2403PLUSH-v10.img

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Significant Changes

  • Added basic HDMI support
    • Sound output is on-device - _a future update will potentially fix this!_
  • Additional preinstalled content
    • Thanks to @joyrider for all the brand new content to play straight away!
  • Battery level has been replaced with glyph
    • Offset can be adjusted in advanced settings to help adjust accuracy for your battery
  • External emulation support
    • DraStic
    • PICO-8
    • ScummVM (Experimental)
  • Coming to a future update:
    • Mupen64
    • PPSSPP
  • New content explorer
    • Artwork and text descriptions are now structured by associated core
    • Content is now cached for faster loading
    • Files and folders now live side-by-side
    • Hiding files and folders no longer require hidden.txt file
      • Add a . character at the front and it will no longer appear in the content explorer
      • It uses the UNIX style way of hiding files and folders
  • New core association
    • A lot easier to work out what core to use for your content
    • Predefined lists to help you find the right system for your content
    • Automatic assign will be coming in a future update
  • On-device network configuration
    • Contains brand new On-Screen Keyboard (OSK) which will later be reused for future programs
    • Network web services can now be toggled
    • Some issues may occur if swapping between Static and DHCP (will be fixed in a later update!)
    • Network profiles and SSID scanning will be coming in a future update
  • PortMaster support
    • A number of ready-to-go content is available with more on the way
    • Thanks to @kloptops and @cebion and the team at PortMaster for achieving this!
  • Theme structure has been enhanced with additional functionality
    • A theme creator has been developed to help create themes: Theme Creator
    • All thanks to `@jupyter` for their hard work developing this!
    • This is still a work-in-progress
    • Themes now support custom fonts which can be easily compiled following this guide:
    • A whole slew of fantastic themes have been made by various muOS folk have been preinstalled

RetroArch Changes

  • Added baseline shader config to remove frame jitters
  • Back to a single global configuration for all content
  • Brand new overlays thanks to @antikk and @jeltron
  • Main menu RetroArch launch no longer requires confirmation
  • Quick menu hotkey changed to MENU + X
  • Set default aspect ratio for numerous cores
  • Updated the majority of cores and added additional ones

General Changes

  • Added additional debug messages for backend development
  • Added brand new secret!
    • Don't spoil it for everybody else!
    • If you find it let me know for a secret role
  • Added device selector
  • Added factory reset bleeps and bloops for fun (turn your volume up!)
  • Adjusted maximum brightness value
  • Content description now scrolls vertically with a starting delay of 2 seconds
  • Fixed screenshot timing (L2 + R2)
    • With proper rumble support
  • General code went through the washing machine
  • Messages are now displayed above the navigation footer element
  • Moved datetime to top right corner
  • Navigational messages are now displayed on the footer element
  • On-device sync has been removed
  • Redesigned input tester
  • Removed SD Card tools as it is no longer required
  • Separated settings items into Configuration and Information sections
  • System Information now automatically updates giving you live details