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Firstly you'll need to download the latest image from one of the following channels.
RG35XX Plus/H


Underneath each post will be an attachment, or a link, to a compressed 7z file.
You will need either 7-Zip or equivalent to extract the image (.img) file.
Using your favourite imaging program you can then flash the image to your SD card.
There is no need to format first

SD Card Quality

Please make sure that you flash muOS on a quality SD card and not the stock SD card that comes with your device and definitely not an SD card that is 10 years old.
This will ensure your data stays safe and doesn't fail on you in the middle of catching that rare Pokémon.
Samsung and Sandisk cards are recommended.


There are several recommended programs you can use to flash your SD card with muOS

Advanced Flashing

If you're not afraid of using command line tools you can use dd to get the job done. You will need to find out what device path your SD card is located.
Make sure to replace [SD_device] with your SD card device location and [muOS] with the image name.

sudo dd if=[muOS].img of=[SD_device] bs=4M status=progress && sync

Finishing Up

Once flashing to an SD card is successful you can put it in your device, turn it on, and it will run through a “Factory Reset” mode which will do the rest of the setup for you.
This will create all the needed files and folders for you to put your favourite content on.
Be Patient If you find that your device is stuck during “Factory Reset” please give it at least 5-10 minutes before hitting the reset button.
This should not happen, but if it does please make a post in 🧨|issues and somebody may be able to answer your question.