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Persistence, perseverance, dedication, time

Written by Adixal (xonglebongle)

I've been dabbling in programming in general since I was about 10. Cut my teeth on GWBASIC and then when Windows 3.1 came about I was into creating GUI systems using Visual Basic 3 and used VB right up until VB6. Started learning Assembly but gave up on that. Then I discovered C and started doing basic stuff, created a chat client/server similar to MSN Messenger but super basic. Allowed me to directly call (this is using a 56k modem) a number and chat to a friend, was great at the time!

Then Python came along and I was infatuated with it, was much easier to grasp than C and I slowly learned Python for many years. Dabbled a bit in PHP, Javascript, Golang. I know my way around basic HTML+CSS stuff but nothing fancy. I simply learned how to do things by just trying over and over again. I think of programming as my version of a video game. It's pure bliss when you create something from nothing and it just works how you want it to. It's a video game, it's a puzzle, it's everything I enjoy when it comes to programming.

Am I great at it? Hell no, I'm not perfect and I make a lot of mistakes. I learn something new each and every day to improve my skills. I don't think I'll learn everything but for the most part I'm able to create a number of little programs such as muOS. I don't really have any suggestions about where to start. Simply start with a language that you've heard of, try it out, see if it makes sense to you. Don't get bogged down into the whole “Oh I can't do this” mentality. It takes a lot of persistence, perseverance, dedication, time.