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Starting with muOS v10 we have Experimental ScummVM Standalone support. Just make sure to select ScummVM (External) as the core.

Version Core Build
Libretro Core ScummVM: 2.8.0
Standalone ScummVM (External): ext-scummvm 2.8.1

Where should I put my games?

ScummVM game files should all exist in a sub-directory of your main ScummVM folder inside your muOS roms folder.
For example:

roms/ScummVM/.Day of the Tentacle

Creation of files to run ScummVM content

ScummVM determines which game it is launching by using a special text file named after the directory the game files exist in.
Assume you have your game files for Day of the Tentacle in the following folder.

└─ roms
   └── SCUMMVM
       └── .Day of the Tentacle

You would now need to create a file named Day of the Tentacle.scummvm
This text file needs to contain the Full Game ID for the game you are trying to add.
In our example the file would contain scumm:tentacle
For a list of all possible Game IDs please see ScummVM Game IDs

How can I hide the game files directory?

OK, so now that you've set that up, you no longer want to see the Day of the Tentacle folder in the games list.
That's easy. muOS will hide any directory that has a prepended .
So simply rename that folder to .Day of the Tentacle

Example Layout of ScummVM Game

└─ roms
   └── SCUMMVM
       ├── .Day of the Tentacle
       │   └── <game files here>
       └── Day of the Tentacle.scummvm

Known Issues with ScummVM Standalone

  • muOS hotkeys don't function
    • Can't adjust volume
    • Can't take screenshots
    • Can't adjust brightness
    • Analogue sticks don't function