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PICO-8 Emulator Files

Starting with muOS v10. Native PICO-8 is now supported!
The files required to run PICO-8 natively are stored on SD1 in the /MUOS/emulator/pico8 folder.
In order to use native PICO-8 you'll need to place your own purchased binaries in there.
You will need a copy of the following files from the Raspberry Pi version:

  • pico8_64
  • pico8.dat

For muOS v10 you need the 32bit binary.

  • pico8_dyn
  • pico8.dat

Where can I get those binaries?

You can purchase PICO-8 from lexaloffle.

Can I use Splore?

You sure can!
You can either create a blank file named Splore.p8 [case sensitive] in your PICO-8 ROMs folder, or it will be automatically created for you when you first assign the PICO-8 (External) core.
Simply launch that Splore file and you're in!