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DraStic Keybinds

Button Action
R2 Toggle Stylus to DPAD
R1 Stylus Click
L2 Swap Screen
Select + L2 Save State
Select + R2 Load State
Select + B Screen Orientation A
Select + X Screen Orientation B

DraStic Keybinds (muOS v10)

Button Action
Select + X Move Stylus Up
Select + B Move Stylus Down
Select + Y Move Stylus Left
Select + A Move Stylus Right
Select + R1 Click Stylus
Select + L1 Switch Screens
Select + R2 Load State
Select + L2 Save State
L2 Swap Orientation 2
R2 Swap Orientation 1

Switch DraStic from Bilinear to Nearest Neigbour

By default DraStic is using Bilinear filtering which can appear blurry. To switch this mode to Nearest Neighbour and back you can use this script.

This can be run from the muOS Backup Manager. Simply put it in your /mnt/mmc/MUOS/backup folder and launch it.

# Scaling adjustment script created for muOS 2405 Beans +
# Lets you switch between Nearest Neighbour (sharper) and Bilinear (smoother)
# Fire up the logger!
/opt/muos/extra/muxlog &
sleep 1
echo "Waiting..." > /tmp/muxlog_info
sleep 1
rm -rf "$TMP_FILE"
xxd drastic > drastic.txt
# Check for Bilinear Scaling
if grep -q "6c69 6e65 6172" drastic.txt; then
    echo "Bilinear Scaling detected" > /tmp/muxlog_info
    # Swap Scaling Method
    sed -i 's/6c69 6e65 6172/3000 0000 0000/g' drastic.txt
    xxd -r drastic.txt > drastic
    echo "Setting to Nearest Neighbour" > /tmp/muxlog_info
    rm drastic.txt
# Check for Nearest Neighbour Scaling
elif grep -q "3000 0000 0000" drastic.txt; then
    echo "Nearest Neighbour Scaling detected" > /tmp/muxlog_info
    # Swap Scaling Method
    sed -i 's/3000 0000 0000/6c69 6e65 6172/g' drastic.txt
    xxd -r drastic.txt > drastic
    echo "Setting to Bilinear" > /tmp/muxlog_info
    rm drastic.txt
echo "All Done!" > /tmp/muxlog_info
sleep 1
# Cleanup after myself
killall -q muxlog
rm -rf "$MUX_TEMP" /tmp/muxlog_*
killall -q "DraStic"